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Is it Better to Have a Boy or a Girl Dog

Ask 50 people this question, and you’ll likely get 50 opinions. Some of the most common theories are that females are easier to train, are better with children, have less bad habits than males, are more affectionate and are more eager to please.

There’s only one problem with this viewpoint... The exact same things are said by many people about male dogs! And even though I have my own op... Continue Here.

Sarasota Sarasota 2017
Featured Health Article Sarasota / Manatee Area Our Next Edition
Hip Dysplasia

• Hip dysplasia is a faulty development of the hip joint. All breeds are at risk but it most commonly affects the larger breeds. It is hereditary and is also affected by diet and other factors.

• It can affect dogs early in life and progressively gets worse as dogs age. Dysplasia starts out as a laxity of the ball and socket joint. As time goes by, the architecture of the joint becomes deformed and the hip develop... Continue Here.

Tampa Lee Collier County
Featured Cat Article Tampa Area Naples / Ft Myers Area

Feline Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism is a hypermetabolic state caused by excessive production and secretion of the thyroid hormone. This disease is typically seen in geriatric cats with a mean age of around 15 years.

Cats that are affected with this disease may demonstrate clinical signs of increased a... Continue Here.

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We (me and 5 mini Dachshunds, a Yorkie, Morkie and Porkie) are so excited to have won the PAWFECT TIME Pendant Watch! We were at a dog event at the Tampa Fairgrounds last week and one of the participants handed us the new Pet Pages. BEST item we received. Your little magazine is PRICELESS to have!



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