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Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Any of us who has had the blessing of having a beloved pet live to be well on in years knows that the aging process in pets often causes deterioration in the quality of life. Some changes we may regard as senility or "old dog syndrome". It can be very disheartening to see a canine friend who once was an active, happy, frolicking family member lose his playfulness, "forget" his house training, begin to wake ... Continue Here.

Sarasota Tampa
Featured Health Article Sarasota / Manatee Area Tampa Area
Is Your Pet Itchy, Have Swollen Ear Canals, Or Respiratory Distress?
It Could Be An Allergy.

You may notice that your pet’s symptoms are seasonal, usually worse in the spring and summer because of the increased amounts of pollen in the air at that time.

What is an allergy?

It is when a normal substance in the environment causes a reaction in an individual. These substances are called allergens and include... Continue Here.

Central Florida Lee Collier County
Featured Cat Article Orlando Central Florida Naples / Ft Myers Area
Eye Of The Beholder

If all cats are created equal, why are some more equal than others? The answer is the level of human commitment given to them. Humans impact the lives of all cats positively or negatively when they meet their needs or they don’t. The ‘companion’ cats that live in loving homes fare best as they are safe; their needs are met and the relationship is mutually beneficial. Unsocialized cats, who were born feral ... Continue Here.

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"Hi Dave, I wanted to let you know that I became a volunteer for this group (Save our Strays) as a direct result of picking up a Pet Pages magazine at a shelter thrift store!" - K Cisarik

"I've advertised in Pet Pages for 15 years and I've always had excellent results"
- Dr Nancy Gerhardt, Kindness Animal Clinic, Bradenton, FL



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We (me and 5 mini Dachshunds, a Yorkie, Morkie and Porkie) are so excited to have won the PAWFECT TIME Pendant Watch! We were at a dog event at the Tampa Fairgrounds last week and one of the participants handed us the new Pet Pages. BEST item we received. Your little magazine is PRICELESS to have!



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